Girl in the Ashes

France has fallen to the Nazis and as people flee, Odette Lefebvre uses the chaos to kill men she finds deserving. After succumbing to the sinister charms of the new German doctor running the hospital, Odette must keep her head down to avoid unwanted attention or risk exposing her murderous secret and endangering those she loves. But the secrets of those close to her could unknowingly mean her death.

Girl in the Ashes is a must read…a completely unique story. Be prepared for a moving, aggressive wartime drama that will remind you how strong women are and the lengths some might go to protect one another and exact revenge. Highly recommended!

– Artisan Book Reviews

"A gripping narrative of wartime intrigue and a shocking exposé of the brutality that can lurk in the hearts of even the most unlikely people, Douglas Weissman's Girl in the Ashes is a World War Two novel with a major difference. Focusing on Odette LeFebvre, a young nurse navigating the complexities of life in Nazi-occupied Paris while using the chaos as a cover for her serial murdering of abusive men, the book presents the many horrors of war through a truly unique lens. Brutal, raw, and sadly realistic, Odette's attempts to survive the occupation, the deadly cat-and-mouse game she finds herself embroiled in with the sadistic Dr. Ilse, and her own inner darkness make for a compelling and often disturbing read 

—Erin Britton, Los Angeles Book Review