Why I Write: The DNA of a Story


Why I write 

My therapist once told me writing is in my DNA. I nodded my head and said, "of course it is."

She elaborated. She meant it. It's part of my heritage; my father told stories, my grandfather spun yarns, my great grandfather was incredibly quiet but my great grandmother shared the secrets of the family and the folktales that immigrants carried with them like treasures-close to the chest and hidden from outsiders.

When I have heard other writers say "they need to write," I have cringed at the phrase. I even, once, nearly vomited at the pretentiousness of one whose verbiage sounded like self-fellatio more than an explanation of why they wrote, what encouraged them to agonize over a story until their pens bled-or in my case, until I've literally broken my keyboard.

Then my therapist told me that storytelling is in my DNA. And I wondered, is that any different than saying, "I write because I need to"? Except my need to write takes me beyond a quenchless desire to share a story. It's an endless ache to make connections, inspire, create understanding, establish everlasting friendships, and bask in the joys of creation. 

Connection | Inspiration | Understanding | Friendship | The joys of creation

These are tangible concepts that I provide through storytelling. 

  • Connection - between reader and characters
  • Inspire - readers to take action
  • Create understanding - between cultures, traditions, generations, people
  • Establish friendships - whether between characters, entangled readers, or both
  • The joys of creation - The thrill of adding something new to the world

The Structure of a Story Changes. 

The structure of a story changes. The elements of a story are not universal. Some narratives don't have a character. Others don't have a journey; some demonstrate a result; others offer a connection. But no matter what story I tell, I know it is coming from a deeper place, where every story offers a sense of adventure just by opening the cover:

What's my story? 

I have endless stories I must share, including the story I tell myself. This is the reason I write. This is the reason I strive to build bridges and forge relationships, to create experiences through creativity. 

I am the explorer who discovers the way

I am the mapmaker who guides you

I am the candle you hold while you travel

I am the shelter you find along the way

I am the colors of sunrise on your journey

I am the feeling of strength on your arrival

I am the friends you make on the adventure

I am the story you share when you return home. 

I am the joy of the memory. 

What are the stories you need to tell?

 I write stories because it's in my DNA. Why do you tell stories? If you don't write, why do you read stories?

 If you need a story told, turn to me